Learning Issue Library now Live!

We are excited to announce a new feature of the FORECAST website.

Our Learning Issue Library is now live!

Delving deeper into identified topic areas (“learning issues”) is an important part of the PBL process and integrated into every simulation we conduct. We have created a library of videos, fact sheets, and other resources related to learning issues that are commonly identified for each of our simulations. We’ve labeled and tagged the resources to make searching the library easier.

We produced many of the videos accessible in our library based on requests from our learners. The videos feature national experts in child-serving fields answering the questions that arise most frequently during our simulations. Our library includes more than 100 short videos based on these interviews.

You can search by using the Search button or the tagging feature.

Looking to find resources about children’s disclosures of abuse? Just type “disclosure” in the search bar OR select the “disclosure” tag.

After you select a topic, a list of resources will populate below the search/filter bar. The more tags you select, the more resources will populate.

We hope this tool will serve you and your learners. Please let us know if you have additional topics you would like to see addressed in the Learning Issue Library. As always, thank you for the work that you do for children and families!


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Katelyn Anderson