Bringing Trauma-Informed Training to Life

Project FORECAST is a unique educational experience that’s designed to help current and future child-serving professionals make better decisions in situations involving childhood trauma. Our interactive trainings simulate real-world scenarios and can better prepare participants for the complex challenges of trauma-informed care.

FORECAST Simulations

Our simulations were designed by some of the nation’s top experts in child advocacy, and are based on real-world situations child-serving professionals encounter. Led by certified facilitators, participants will roleplay, observe, and see the impact of their decisions in real-time.

Abuse Disclosure

Better understand the responsibilities of a mandated reporter, and how to conduct an interview after an accidental disclosure of abuse.

Healthcare Setting

Get insight on investigating abuse in a medical setting, including mandated reporting, family interviews, and safety planning.

Home Investigation

Gain exposure to post-report processes, such as interviewing alleged offenders and identifying physical evidence in a home.

Forensic Process

Explore a forensic investigation in-depth, and better understand how multidisciplinary teams can work together throughout the legal process.

Built for Child-Serving Professionals

FORECAST simulations can benefit a diverse group of disciplines, including current professionals and learners preparing to enter the field.

Law Enforcement


Juvenile Justice

Mental & Behavioral Health

Child Protection


"The students loved the simulation and said they not only learned—but remembered. So much better than just having a lecture."

Melissa Stephens & Carol Morreale
William Carey University